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We have received all kinds comments and "best wishes" messages for the Everest Expedition team through this web site.

See the Message Board.

Wednesday June 1

The Everest Expedition 2005 team is now back at Base Camp. Sunny and conditions at the summit translated into some spectacular photos.

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See Summit Pictures

Tuesday May 31

Shaunna and team are now at Camp II and will be spending the night there. Early tomorrow morning, they will tackle the icefall.

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Monday May 30

Shaunna summited this morning at 9:30 am (Nepal time). Her physical strength as a climber served her well as she was one of the first to summit Everest this morning.

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Sunday May 29

Shaunna has made it to Camp IV! She is now in position to push for the summit! However, weather will dictate whether she is able to make her summit attempt.

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Saturday May 28

Shaunna arrived at Camp III in very good time. However, the winds there are fairly gusty. She and Ben will be making a decision about whether she will ascend to Camp IV that evening.

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Friday May 27

Weather conditions on Everest have not been cooperative. Attempts to climb to higher altitudes in order to set lines were thwarted due to cold and high winds. The climbers were forced to descend.

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Thursday May 26

Shaunna has arrived at Camp II. The summit push has begun! This is recognized as the last chance to summit. Since most of the remaining teams will be climbing at the same time, there will be a chain of teams pushing for the summit.

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Wednesday May 25

Shaunna starts her summit push tomorrow! Along the way, she will be following the weather very closely. We spoke to her live this morning.

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Monday May 16

Shaunna's team, as well as the Korean team, are returning to Base Camp to await  what will probably be their last opportunity to summit Everest this season.

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Friday May 13

Shaunna will be climbing to Camp II tomorrow. Her and the climbing team will be based there, poised to make a push for the summit when the weather breaks.

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Monday May 9

A window of opportunity within which Shaunna and team can summit may present itself between May 14 and May 15.

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Friday May 6

Snowfall has forced Shaunna and remaining expedition teams to delay their summit push.

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Thursday May 5

Shaunna made her way down to Camp II, then eventually back to Base Camp. However, she encountered an avalanche at Camp I.

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Monday May 2

Shaunna and team will be spending the night at Camp III. Ben is recovering well from his surgery. He made an appearance today on the NewRO.

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Friday April 29

Shaunna is well on her way with her climbing efforts. She has made it to Camp II.

Read Mike Swarbrick's latest journal entry.

Tuesday April 26

Ben underwent surgery in Ottawa. Shaunna is resting today for her trek to Camp I tomorrow.

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Thursday April 21

Ben arrives safely in Kathmandu. Garry stumbles upon a mystery letter . . .

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Wednesday April 20

Ben has been airlifted from Base Camp to Kathmandu.

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Tuesday April 19

Ben Breaks His Leg In Two Places in an Unfortunate Slip on the Ice Fall: Ben broke his fibia and tibia while capturing footage for the NewRO on the icefall.

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Monday April 18: Ben and Shaunna Reach Camp II.

Ben and Shaunna continue to be strong during their acclimatization activities. They spent two nights at Camp I, then progressed to Camp II. They will spend the night at Camp II, then return to Base Camp tomorrow.

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Tuesday April 12: Ben and Shaunna Climbed to Camp I

As part of their acclimatization activities, Ben and Shaunna climbed to Camp I, then returned to Base Camp.

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Friday April 8:
The Expedition Team is Currently Setting Up Base Camp

The team is in the process of setting up Base Camp, which involves setting up the communications tent and a kitchen among other things.

Thursday April 7:
Ben and Shaunna Arrive At Base Camp

The last stretch of the hike through the Khumbu Valley was rough for Ben and Shaunna. Both were ill with a sickness that kept them up at night and nauseous on the trail.

However, through perseverance, they arrived at Base Camp and are now resting for the events to come.

Wednesday April 6
Expedition Team Is A Few Days Away From Base Camp

The team is slightly behind its original schedule, due to some of the team members suffering from sickness. Some team members were experiencing headaches, which often happens due to the altitude changes. Shaunna was suffering from a flu-like illness caused by a waterborne parasite (giardia) found in Nepal. However, with rest and treatment, she is feeling better.

Now, the team is in good shape and should arrive at Base Camp by April 8.

Monday April 4
Expedition Team Arrives in Dingboche

See new pictures from Dingboche.
Read Mike and Garry's latest journal entries.


Thursday March 31
Expedition Team Arrives in Namche Bazaar



Ben and Shaunna arrived in Kathmandu on March 20 More Info

Read journal entries describing Mike Swarbrick's and Garry Hartlin's preparations for the trek to Everest and the team's arrival in Kathmandu.

Wednesday March 23
Ben and Shaunna video conference with 6 local high schools
A video conference, using software called "Isabel" supplied by the Communications Research Centre, connected Ben and Shaunna in Nepal with students at 6 Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) high schools at the same time.  More info

Tuesday March 22
Watch for a live video transmission on the Breakfast @ The New RO's morning show and the 6:00 pm news.

March 17: Ben and Shaunna depart for Everest

March 19: Arrival in Katmandu

March 27: Departure for the Valley

April 5 Start Hike to Base Camp

May 1: Return to the Valley to Rest

May 8: Summit Attempt

May 31: Last day on Mountain

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